I am a qualified British Wheel of Yoga teacher. I run Hatha Yoga classes in Wiltshire. I offer yoga classes in Holt and Bradford on Avon. Holt is very near Bradford on Avon, Trowbridge and Melksham. The Yoga classes in Holt are held at Holt Village Hall and Holt Primary School.

Hatha Yoga is the physical yoga practice that uses body postures to open the body and heart. However, Yoga is much more than a physical practice. It is a philosophy of life. Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning 'union of mind and body'. It is a science that allows us to live a harmonious life through the control of the mind and body.

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My journey started when I was 35. I have to admit, I thought I was too old to take up such a form of physical exercise. I had no idea that yoga was suitable for all people regardless of their age or physical limitations. Thanks to my aunt's persuasion I attended my first Yoga class. I felt like a broom stick. My sedentary life style had taken its toll. I was suffering from severe lower back problems at the time and it was causing sleeping disorders, lack of concentration and anxiety. I loved the atmosphere and the calmness Yoga gave me and decided to continue the classes. Working with the physical body didn't just help my physical problems to fade away, but also something remarkable happened to me. Yoga had such a profound affect on my mind. My whole attitude towards life and myself has changed.

Our bodies are a reflection of our lives. Our feelings and emotions shape our body and our posture. We live our lives full of fear; fear of failure, fear of future, fear of looking stupid, fear of not being liked, fear of making mistakes, fear of revealing our true selves... As a result the body takes a defensive posture by rounding the shoulders, squishing the back of the neck and contracting the front of the body and curling inwards. Yoga taught me to pay attention to my body and recognise the physical manifestation of my mental state. Opening up the body, opens up the mind. We learn to distance our selves from our thoughts and go beyond our thoughts. The chattering mind fades, the fear disappears, the heart reveals itself... We realise it is a matter of a choice to live a fulfilling life.

Sevilay Turlington

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is good for your posture and structural balance (leading to mental balance), it promotes flexibility and suppleness, strength and stamina, improves concentration, teaches you how to breathe more effectively, facilitates deep relaxation and calms the mind.

When you breathe slowly and deeply, more oxygen circulates through the blood. During exercise the cells of the body receive a fresh supply of nutrients and oxygen, so increasing energy, vitality and the flexibility of youth.

Yoga can help a whole range of ailments including asthma, high blood pressure, lower back pain, arthritis, ME, menopausal changes, menstrual problems, stress, anxiety and depression. Yoga movements stretch all the major muscle groups and release built up tension. Through posture work, as the body's circulation increases and bones are properly aligned, age related rheumatism and arthritis can be alleviated.

My favorite quotes about yoga:

"Why practice yoga? Rather then just master advanced or impressive positions, I would love to grow old with a straighter spine and the flexibility and comfort in my body that we all enjoy as children" from See How Yoga Feels by Su Sareen.

"I do yoga so that I can stay flexible enough to kick my own arse if necessary." by Betsy Canas Garmon